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Ganymede 4

Thorlabs released next-generation versions of its Spectral Domain OCT offering. With this release, the already well-established Ganymede and Telesto series of OCT systems was updated to include several new hardware and software features, while maintaining the same specifications as previous members of the Spectral Domain OCT family. Added features include a new compact and rigid scanner head for the Polarization-Sensitive Telesto Systems, as well as fully configurable triggering options and an analog input, which together turn these new OCT devices into ideal tools for multimodal imaging.

As in the past, the user can choose to purchase a complete, preconfigured system, which includes a scanner with dedicated imaging objective, scanner stand, and sample manipulation stage or to opt for a user-configurable solution where the customer chooses from a large selection of modular components.

All Thorlabs OCT systems are shipped with a high-performance computer preinstalled with the new ThorImageOCT 5.4 image acquisition software as well as a user-programmable Thorlabs OCT software development kit (SDK). To allow for custom data analysis, the user also has access to the raw data. 

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