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Pixelligent, whose PixClear high-index Designer Compounds deliver unparalleled brightness, clarity and operating efficiencies for a broad range of display and optoelectronic applications, today announces the launch of PixClear Titania products. The PixClear Titania product line, which has applications for Augmented and Virtual Reality, OLED/QD Displays and Optical Sensors, among others, delivers a refractive index range of 1.85 to 2.0+, with transparencies in excess of 95%, at loadings greater than 80 percent.

“PixClear Titania represents a new class of ultra-high refractive index materials that enables our customers to simultaneously achieve record optical performance and robust mechanical properties – an impossibility until now. PixClear Titania will deliver dramatic improvements in device efficiency and performance across a broad array of display devices,” said Serpil Gonen Williams, Pixelligent Chief Technology Officer.

PixClear Titania is being offered in 10nm and 20nm capped nanocrystals configurations – both in formulations and as dispersions. PixClear® Titania can be applied using industry standard nanoimprint lithography, inkjet and spin coating processes. Pixelligent has published a white paper detailing further technical specifics about our PixClear Titania. 

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