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OptoSigma and Spectrolight

OptoSigma Corporation, a global manufacturer based in the USA, Japan, and Europe, and Spectrolight, Inc., a specialist in opto- and opto-mechanical components, have entered into a partnership and supply agreement. The agreement includes distribution of Spectrolights unique Wavelength Selector and complimentary products for the North and South America markets, through OptoSigma’s website and sales channels.

Within the agreement, Spectrolight will manufacture and supply state-of-the- art Wavelength Selector modules, both manual and electronic, in addition to a white light source and supporting adaptors that will enable independent use or integration for fluorescence microscopy applications. All of these products will be available from OptoSigma’s newly enhanced website and items will be stocked in California at OptoSigma’s headquarters.  

Spectrolight was founded by a group of scientists and engineers who had often experienced frustration with the limitations of commercially available photonic devices and components. As former users, this team set out to deliver cost-effective photonic tools that offer better functionality, greater ease of use, and superior reliability and lifetime. Spectrolight's products are used in various existing and emerging applications including but not limited to microscopy, spectroscopy, machine vision, and hyperspectral imaging that would benefit from wavelength selector devices.

A specialist in optics, optical systems, opto-mechanics, manual and motorized positioning, and thin film coatings for more than 20 years, OptoSigma is committed to providing solutions, together with unrivaled quality, service and engineering insight for its customers.

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