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Hamamatsu Photonics developed a new “Immunochromato Reader C10066-60” that gives precise readout of fluorescence in immunochromatographic reagents. By applying our own advanced signal processing and optical design technology, the measurement sensitivity has increased more than 10 times higher than currently available products.

This new immunochromato reader (lateral flow reader) high-sensitivity detection of reagent reactions occurring with antigens such as viruses and hormones or antibodies reacting with viruses, etc. It is a promising tool for streamlining R&D work on immunochromatographic reagents including those for novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We started accepting product orders from domestic and overseas reagent manufacturers on October 1st 2020. We will also be supplying this immunochromato reader as a commercially available OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product that matches the reagents produced by each manufacturer.

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