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Excelitas Technologies, a global technology specialist delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, is expanding its modular, high-performance Qioptiq mag.x system 125 with the addition of built-in autofocus components. The autofocus capability creates an automated, industrial microscope system for display, PCB, OLED/TFT, wafer and glass inspection, as well as for high-precision, non-contact measuring applications in the machine vision, semiconductor and quality control industries.

The mag.x system 125 is specially developed for use with large sensors (up to 57 mm diagonal) to enable sub-micrometer resolution over large object fields. This unmatched optical performance is achieved with high numerical aperture lenses that feature an exceptionally large exit pupil.

Focusing in an automated environment is simplified by the mag.x system 125 modular, integrated new autofocus solution. Two actuators enable highly-precise focusing in a fraction of a second. The AF base unit couples the laser from an autofocus sensor into the beam path. The autofocus sensor and the actuator constitute a closed-loop system that ensures optimum focus in the object plane. Since no stitching is needed, high-resolution sensors can be used to create significantly shorter tact times without compromising the resolution of the inspection system.

Excelitas is planning webinars about the correct application of mag.x system 125 and its new autofocus capability. Watch for updates on our website’s events page.   

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